Clean Cooking for All!

StoveTeam International

Who we are:

StoveTeam:team that advocates for the transformative power of good cookstoves and are committed to getting as many good cookstoves to as many people as possible. 
Our team has grown over the past 10 years and is made up of trip participants, generous donors, staff, volunteers, partners abroad and many more! With the support of each individual, StoveTeam is a true team. 
We are calling upon our team to spread the word about stoves! We thought, what better advocates than our volunteers. By sharing your stories with family and friends, the work of StoveTeam can grow, leading to more stove education, production and delivery. If you are new to the StoveTeam, visit our website to learn more.
The problem:

4 million people die each year from deaths caused by daily cooking over an open fire.

Take action: 

Start your own StoveTeam fundraising campaign by donating birthday money, participating in a race, or something else. For ideas read about Zac's SUP campaign.

Think back to your experiences with StoveTeam and share those stories. The key is to pass the word on. You are StoveTeam advocates and what better way to learn about the power of fuel-efficient cookstoves than from someone who has seem their impact first hand.

P.S. Whatever you do, we want to hear about it! Post on your photos on social media with the hashtags #stoveteam.